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60,000 English-Urdu editions

This year we printed 60,000 English-Urdu editions of Hoopoe books, and we’ve just started distributing 3,000 each of the Urdu-Pashto editions for the Afghan-Pakistan border region.

Urdu Pashto Hoopoe Books
Urdu-Pashto editions

17 Homes for Abandoned Children Receive Hoopoe Books

Kids with Hoopoe Books in Pakistan

In November 2014 three sets of our 10 Hoopoe titles in Urdu-English editions were donated to each of the 17 homes for abandoned children run by the Edhi Foundation. The homes are in Multan, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1949, this amazing foundation has, among other things, rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans and runs over three hundred and thirty welfare centers in rural and urban Pakistan which operate as food kitchens, rehabilitation homes, shelters for abandoned women and children and clinics for the mentally handicapped. For more information:

Praise From The Alif Laila Book Bus Society

Girls in Pakistan reading Hoopoe books

‘When I spoke to the coordinators in Muzaffargarh they told me that the children were completely caught up by the beautiful illustrations and the power of the stories! One child commented:

“I thought I would only find books of this sort in the homes my mother works in! Imagine finding them in my own school.
How blessed I am!”

From our partner in Pakistan,
Mrs. Basarat Kazim Founder and President of
Alif Laila Book Bus Society

40,000 Urdu-English Books Provided

Since 2010 our Books for Pakistan program has provided bilingual English and Urdu editions of Idries Shah’s retelling for children of traditional tales from the region. To date we have provided 40,000 Urdu-English books and we hope, with your help, to do very much more.

There are now ten titles. By clicking on any image, you will be able to learn more about the story and purchase your own English only copy should you wish to do so.

We are now in our third year of partnership with the Alif Laila Book Bus Society (ALBBS). Established in 1978, ALBBS was one of the first groups in Pakistan to focus primarily on empowerment of civil society and social reform, mainly through education. It has served over one million disadvantaged children through its schools and mobile libraries, and is working with us to distribute Hoopoe Books to these children throughout Pakistan.

Alif Laila uses girls’ education to fight poverty and gender inequality, believing that “by educating girls, we are not only eradicating the secondary place of women in our society, and bringing them up to par with men, but also ensuring the advancement and modernization of our total society. An educated mother has it in her power to change the very culture of the most basic social unit – the family.”

Thanks to ALBBS 2,100 copies of Old Woman and the Eagle are being distributed by Idara-e Taleem-o-Aagai (ITA) as part of reading kits that will be distributed to 700 schools. Additionally, we were able to assist the invaluable work of BRAC Education Program distributing Hoopoe Books to schools in the Khairpur district of Sindh Province. (Click here for photos and a report from BRAC.)

Books for Children in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Our plan this year is to help NGOs that have contacted us from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) region. And we have made a start.

Kids in Pakistan with Hoopoe Books

ITA have distributed 250 of each of our Urdu-English books to emergency schools serving children from North Waziristan who have fled the Taliban and resultant offensive there and are now refugees in IDP camps in Peshawar city and Bannu. Nearly one million people have fled the region – it’s hard to imagine what they are going through – providing their children with positive stories is something that we can do, and so should.

Only through education will things begin to change! Hoopoe stories inspire children and foster a love of reading and learning. Please help us reach our goal to provide every child in the KPK with a book to read, share and cherish.

Thank you!

Click here for more comments from young Pakistani readers.

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